On average, clients experience an 88% increase in profit*

What is Five Mill

Five mill method

Taking an advanced algorithmic approach to Search Engine Marketing, we've developed a method to bid management that has a proven track record with over $100MM in Search Engine Marketing spend.

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About us

We're a highly experienced team of no-nonsense Search Engine Marketing experts.

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Account audit

*With a 2-week account audit, we have shown performance improvements in every single test to date and an average of 88% increase in profit.

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Five Mill Method

We presented this slideshow in 2009, which outlines the revolutionary methodology developed by Five Mill's founder, Dan Soha, who holds a degree in Computer Science (focus in Algorithm Theory) from UC Berkeley.

After the presentation, the major Search Engines responded that Five Mill's methods would not be effective for optimizing online spend. Time has proven them wrong, as the Five Mill Method has been accepted as revolutionary and adopted as a best practice.

In the five years since this presentation, Five Mill has continued to innovate and has developed proprietary tools to further optimize Search Engine Marketing.

Account Audit

Five Mill has a 100% success rate in increasing profits after a 2-week account audit. On average, clients have experienced an 88% increase in profit.

Five Mill's 2-week 50-point audit on your account is designed to find hidden inefficiencies and potential opportunities in your current SEM program. Our goal is to create a blueprint for your success.

You have two audit options

  1. We will download account data and analyze it with our proprietary tools to determine where the positive changes COULD be made.
  2. We manage the account for 2 weeks, utilizing our proprietary tools and implement only POSITIVE CHANGES which will show quantifiable results.

The 50 Point Audit consists of:

  • Geo-targeting
  • Marginal CPA bidding
  • Parallel account structure
  • Dayparting
  • Maximum title length
  • Sitelinks
  • Match types
  • Appropriate granularity
  • Search query report
  • Campaign Settings
  • Barrier of entry creation
  • Negative matching


We'll be in constant contact over the audit period with suggested updates and upgrades to optimize your account. At the end of the two weeks, we'll discuss the possibility of becoming your permanent SEM solution based on the strength and success of the audit.

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About Us

Our cooperative approach is one where we all share in the team's success. We each bring our experience & expertise to the table to ensure that success. Each employee benefits from the positive results they provide to the clients they manage. In addition, there are no low-level staff members or junior associates at Five Mill. All members of the team are experts at what they do and each has their own specialty.

Five Mill, Inc. has been built on these 5 principles:


Provide the best Search Engine Marketing.


Search Engine Marketing is a Science not an Art.


Work with clients that are focused on financial success. (not merely "brand advertisers")


Hire only the best Search Engine Marketers and develop the best products.


Each company is unique and their SEM strategy should be as well.

Dan Soha

Dan Soha founded Five Mill with over 10 years of experience as a Search Engine Marketer. He developed innovative techniques that draw not only on the marketing and advertising skills of the Five Mill team, but also on his specific academic background in the field of Algorithm Theory, having graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Computer Science. His unique mathematical approach is the backbone of Five Mill and differentiates the team from typical Search Engine Marketers. By combining marketing with mathematics, sales with science, and binary maps with buying models, Five Mill has continued to lead with creative executions and data-driven results.

Susan Waldes

Susan Waldes has worked in the Search Engine Marketing industry since 1999. Having done SEM consistently since then, we think she may have more hours of SEM experience than anyone. With her shrewd, entrepreneurial, and results-driven spirit she brings innovative ideas to managing marketing campaigns. Having worked with dozens of clients, Susan has an exceptional perspective on Digital Marketing as a whole.

Maggie Webb

Maggie Webb has over 8 years of Online Marketing experience of which 6 years were full-time Search Engine Marketing roles. With SEM experience ranging from Lead Generation to Online Dating to E-commerce, her in-house experience stretches across many verticals. Having had years of experience spending 7-figure budgets in E-commerce, Maggie is one of our resident E-commerce experts -- you won’t meet anyone better

Liam Mbuthia

Liam Mbuthia brings 10 years of SEM experience to the Five Mill team, having worked in a multitude of verticals including finance, entertainment, retail, lead generation and many more. He has worked with companies ranging from Fortune 100s to small regional jewelers, and has a knack for finding growth opportunities for all businesses, big & small. His experience brings a wealth of knowledge to the Five Mill team.

Alex Beals

Alex Beals brings a wide range of experience ranging from working in startups to managing clients. He's worked in a multitude of verticals including SaaS, entertainment, mobile, and lead generation. At Five Mill, he is our resident Excel wizard that can build out large scale accounts in just a couple hours while maintaining extraordinary attention to detail.

Katie Patton

Katie Patton has over 7 years of Search Engine Marketing experience for both in-house and agency accounts. She has managed large and small accounts in a number of verticals such as Retail, Lead Generation, and Coupons. Within these verticals she has experience in a variety of categories including apparel, sporting goods, gifts clubs, vitamins, education, automotive, local, software and many more.

Susan Wenograd

Susan Wenograd has worked in Online Marketing industry since 2005. She has since held various in-house and agency-side leadership roles, managing paid media and teams for Fortune 100 clients to local businesses. In addition to having an exceptional amount of E-commerce experience, she's also very knowledgeable in Social Media. She is a sought-after speaker at search conferences for her practical instruction and passion to meld marketing know-how with data to drive great results.

Fan Yang

Fan Yang breezed through UC Berkeley with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He's the only person we've met, and possibly on the planet, that said that the program was easy. As the lead developer of Five Mill's proprietary bidding platform for over 4 years, he fearlessly solves every problem and doesn't understand the word "impossible". He works closely with the team to create solutions and custom algorithms for each of our clients.

Jack Henry Mbuthia

Jack Henry Mbuthia, Chief Napping Officer. He has been affiliated with Search Engine Marketing his entire life. Jack has been making waves in the marketing world since before he could walk, and as his vocabulary continues to grow, so too does his desire to not take baths and never put his shoes on. When not napping his way to victory, Jack can often be found screaming on playgrounds or running away at top speed from his parents at San Diego beaches.


Five Mill is a partnership of experienced Search Engine Marketers. We are always hiring the best and, if that's you, we'd love to hear from you! You must have 6+ years of full-time Search Engine Marketing experience and agency experience is a huge plus. If you are interested in applying to join the team, please complete the Contact Us form below.

A diverse group of experts work together to contribute to the success of each client. Strong teams are built not only with the knowledge of "what to do" and "what will work" but also with the experience of "what NOT to do" and "what WON'T work." It is this seasoning that sets the Five Mill team apart. We regularly test and develop new innovative strategies that have given us a competitive advantage in businesses ranging from click-to-call campaigns to highly competitive verticals.

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