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What is Five Mill?

Digital Advertising

Five Mill team members each have their own expertise. We manage all aspects of Online Marketing and have team members with expertise in Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more...

Five Mill Method

Taking an advanced algorithmic approach to Search Engine Marketing, we’ve developed a method to bid management that has a proven track record with over $500M in Search Engine Marketing spend.

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Tracking & Reporting

Every company is different, and the marketing efforts should be as well. We develop customized technology for our clients to ensure success.

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Design & Development

Compelling design and effective web development are critical to an ad campaign’s success. We utilize our expertise to ensure that ads and landing pages don’t just look good, but also perform well.

Account Audit

With a 2-week account audit, we have shown performance improvements in every single test to date and an average of 88% increase in profit.

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About Us

We're a highly experienced team of no-nonsense Digital Advertising experts.

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Five Mill Method

We presented this slideshow in 2009, which outlines a revolutionary methodology developed by Five Mill’s founder, Dan Soha, who holds a degree in Computer Science (focus in Algorithm Theory) from UC Berkeley.

After the presentation, the major Search Engines responded that Five Mill’s methodology would not be effective for optimizing online spend. Time has proven them wrong, as the Five Mill Method has been accepted as revolutionary and adopted as a best practice.

In the years since this presentation, Five Mill has continued to innovate and has developed proprietary tools to further optimize Search Engine Marketing.


Qbic, which stands for Quantitative Bidding & Integrated Computation is a proprietary technology used to optimize SEM bidding, track clients' business metrics, report multi-channel attribution, automate processes, and more.

SEM Bidding

Typical SEM bidding technologies are a "one size fits all" solution and all bidding technologies are using the same basic math equations. We believe that because every business is unique, the bidding algorithms and data collection should also be unique.

Five Mill develops enterprise-level solutions and algorithms to fit the specific client goals and objectives of their clients. Whether you are optimizing to first order profitability, lifetime value, scale, or a combination of factors, we will develop customized algorithms for your goals and objectives.

Qbic's SEM bidding technology has been tested against other bidding technologies in 200+ tests since 2010. Qbic remains undefeated.

Tracking & Reporting

Available 3rd party tracking and reporting technology are rarely sufficient for innovative online businesses. Five Mill develops customized dashboards, reporting and tracking for clients. Whether a client would prefer to receive reports over text message or whether revenue is generated 6 months after the click, Five Mill’s technology provides the solution that is best suited for our clients.

Account Audit

Five Mill has a 100% success rate in increasing profits after a 2-week account audit. On average, clients experienced an 88% increase in profit.

Five Mill’s 2-week 50-point audit on your account is designed to find hidden inefficiencies and potential opportunity in your current advertising program. Our goal is to create a blueprint for your success.

We’ll be in constant contact over the audit period with suggested updates and upgrades to optimize your account. At the end of the two weeks, we’ll discuss the possibility of becoming your permanent Digital Marketing solution based on the strength and success of the audit.

The 50-Point Audit consists of:

  • Geo-targeting
  • Appropriate granularity
  • Marginal CPA bidding
  • Search query report
  • Parallel account structure
  • Campaign settings
  • Dayparting
  • Barrier of entry analysis
  • Ad extensions
  • Negative matching
  • Bidding implementation
  • and more...

About Us

Five Mill was founded in 2008 as industry leaders in Search Engine Marketing. As the industry evolved, so did Five Mill.
With a focus on expertise, we have continued to provide the same expertise to all aspects of Digital Marketing.

Our cooperative approach is one where we all share in the team’s success. We each bring our experience & expertise to the table to ensure that success. Each employee benefits from the positive results they provide to the clients they manage. In addition, there are no low-level staff members nor junior associates at Five Mill. All members of the team are experts at what they do and each have their own specialty.

Five Mill, Inc. has been built on these 5 principles:

  1. Provide the best Digital Marketing.
  2. Digital Marketing is a Science not an Art.
  3. Work with clients that are focused on financial success.
  4. Hire only the best Digital Marketers and develop the best products.
  5. Each company is unique, and their Digital Marketing strategy should be as well.

Dan Soha

Dan Soha founded Five Mill and has worked in Digital Marketing since 2004. He developed innovative techniques that draw not only on the marketing and advertising skills of the Five Mill team, but also on his specific academic background in the field of Algorithm Theory, having graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Computer Science. His unique mathematical approach is the backbone of Five Mill and differentiates the team from typical Search Engine Marketers. By combining marketing with mathematics, sales with science, and binary maps with buying models, Five Mill has continued to lead with creative executions and data-driven results.

Susan Waldes

Susan Waldes has worked in the Search Engine Marketing industry since 1999. Having done SEM consistently since then, we think she may have more hours of SEM experience than anyone. With her shrewd, entrepreneurial, and results-driven spirit she brings innovative ideas to managing marketing campaigns. Having worked with dozens of clients, Susan has an exceptional perspective on Digital Marketing as a whole.

Fan Yang

Fan Yang breezed through UC Berkeley with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He's the only person we've met, and possibly on the planet, that said that the program was easy. As the lead developer of Five Mill's proprietary bidding platform for over 4 years, he fearlessly solves every problem and doesn't understand the word "impossible". He works closely with the team to create solutions and custom algorithms for each of our clients.

Liam Mbuthia

Liam Mbuthia has worked in Search Engine Marketing since 2006. He has worked in a multitude of verticals including Finance, Entertainment, Retail, Lead Generation, and many more. He has worked with companies ranging from Fortune 100s to small regional jewelers, and has a knack for finding growth opportunities for all businesses, big & small. His experience brings a wealth of knowledge to the Five Mill team.

Manzini Tu

Manzini Tu comes from an agency background and his continued successes came from working closely and collaboratively with clients. He's worked in varying verticals such as Peer-to-Peer services, Online Education, and Lead Generation. He brings a uniquely mathematical approach to Search Engine Marketing, having studied Economics at UC Berkeley. His educational background and studies of the math behind Search Engine Marketing makes him a critical part of the Five Mill team in his focus of driving financial success for our clients.

Ron Rosano

Ron Rosano built a passion for collaboration while working with dozens of clients across numerous industries that range from small boutique clients to Fortune 500 companies. Having graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Statistics, Ron brings a scientific methodology to his data-driven Marketing strategies. He has a track record of success with his efforts in optimizing all parts of the user funnel and optimizing them towards his clients’ objectives and goals.

Matt Gillooly

Matt Gillooly brings a variety of experience, having worked in agency and tech start-up roles. He’s worked with clients in a multitude of verticals including Insurance, SaaS, Health & Fitness, and Hospitality. He has a knack for solving Marketing challenges for clients of all sizes and specializes in online marketing for Lead Generation businesses.

Ting-Yu Liu

Ting-Yu Liu has 12 years of Search Engine Marketing experience working for clients ranging from Fortune 500 to local services. He has managed accounts in a wide variety of verticals with a specialization in e-commerce and consumer electronics. With a strong analytical background, he has a proven track record of presenting data-driven results by utilizing all avenues of digital marketing. He also loves Excel and geeks out on tools that make his job more efficient.

Sindy Corso

Sindy Corso is a seasoned digital marketer with a breadth of experience in all facets of PPC. She brings a blend of strategic thinking and deep technical knowledge to help startups and Fortune 100 companies alike improve their digital marketing programs. She is passionate about finding elegant solutions to difficult marketing problems.

Hayley Noël

Hayley Noël has worked in Search Engine Marketing since 2007. Starting her career in Chicago at two of the ‘Big 4’ agencies she has worked on Fortune 500 brands with a strong passion for teaching and innovating within the industry. Reliability and results are the foundation of her client relationships. Her experience has enabled her to develop strategies focused on meeting business goals as well as seeking out opportunities to grow and learn through testing.

Ian Mackie

Ian Mackie got his start in the digital advertising space as a way to fund his stint as a professional mountain bike racer and adventure photographer back when both link building and MySpace were cool. For the past 10+ years, he's lived life on the agency side - planning, building & managing SEM & social advertising campaigns for both small & Fortune 100 clients. Over the years, Ian has shared his social marketing knowledge as a speaker at PPC Hero, SMX Social & other conferences.

Conor McElhaney

Conor McElhaney has been working in Digital Marketing since 2012. He started his career on the west coast, before expanding to New York where he would catalyze his media advertising expertise at its very source. In New York, Conor gained the trust of large Fintech startups, excelling as a driving force of nature and trusted leader in the competitive search landscape. Partnering closely with CMOs and marketing directors, Conor established integral relationships with his clients, thriving in his focused nature. Being both a high-velocity leader and patient communicator, he’s able to guide expansion across the sector while communicating clearly through moments of change. His experience across verticals has inspired his strategic focus, ready and able to understand each business’ needs and bottom line while scaling them to greater heights. Conor is currently based out of Los Angeles.

Eugene Byun

Eugene Byun has been immersed in SEM since 2006. With both the agency and client-side experience, he has managed multi-million dollar global search marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies in verticals that include real estate, agriculture, wholesale, health & wellness, apparel retail, consumer electronics, and technology. Eugene loves a good challenge and finding innovative methods to solve unique business challenges through strategic digital marketing solutions.

Trevor Dye

Trevor Dye has worked in Online Marketing since 2009, in both agency and in-house roles. He has worked across a variety of verticals, including lead generation, real estate, coupons, shopping, and software. Having graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, he has a very analytical approach to Online Marketing. Trevor specializes in building tools and automation to help build, manage, and optimize large scale accounts.

Eric Duchek

Eric Duchek has been working in Social Advertising since 2012. He has a passion for optimization and a desire to make a positive impact on everything he touches. several years in the San Francisco Bay Area, Eric eventually found himself working on several Fortune 100 clients in verticals such as ride-sharing, fashion, music streaming, and others. Eric’s methodology is built around driving efficiency at scale and finding creative solutions that leave lasting value.

Josh Ragusa

Josh Ragusa has been working in Online Marketing since 2008, starting in some of Chicago's largest ad agencies and later moving to San Diego, where he currently resides. He has worked on a wide range of clients, including many Fortune 500 companies & household name brands, as well as small start-up companies and everything in between, mostly within eCommerce. Josh has made Google Shopping a focus of his career since its release, constantly striving to learn and perfect the ins & outs of the channel, along with feed optimization, in new and exciting ways.​

Regina Falkowski

Regina Falkowski has been working in the Online Marketing industry since 2011. She has managed both B2B and B2C search and shopping accounts for top brands in apparel, technology, gifting, consumer electronics and the pet industry, focusing on lead generation and direct sales with over $15M+ annual spend. Her meticulous and analytical nature compliment her expertise in Search Engine Marketing.

Miguel Madrigal

Miguel Madrigal has been working in Search Engine Marketing since 2013. He has worked on large B2B accounts as well as some B2C and ECommerce, helping plan full marketing strategies from top of funnel discovery to bottom of funnel DR. While most experienced Search Engine Marketers focus on a certain niche or vertical, Miguel is skilled in all aspects of SEM and knowledgeable across Digital Marketing.

Audrey Fairchild

Audrey Fairchild has worked as an Executive and Administrative Assistant since 1995, supporting a diverse array of companies and clients. She managed her own virtual assistant contracting business for a few years before joining the Five Mill team full time. Her attention to detail and organizational skills keep things running smoothly at Five Mill. No task is too large nor too difficult, Audrey will get it done!​

Mike Ristvedt

Mike Ristvedt has been working in Marketing and Advertising since 2010. He started his career as an Account Manager at Facebook. Since then, he’s worked for the world’s largest media investment agency, leading social media advertising for one of their Fortune 50 clients. Mike believes in the importance of integrating Digital Marketing into every aspect of a company’s holistic marketing strategy, which supplements all channels to maximize performance. He’s a hard-worker, with a great attitude, and is always focused on a client’s business metrics.

Courtney Wegner

Courtney Wegner has worked in Digital Marketing since 2007. With a focus on the Retail Vertical, she has experience in a variety of categories including fashion apparel, footwear, beauty, luxury goods, pets, gifting, home goods and consumer electronics. With an MBA in Entrepreneurship and a passion for e-commerce, she enjoys building relationships with clients and truly understanding their businesses to grow revenue and improve online and offline performance. Her specialties include developing multi-brand strategies, optimizing for a multi-channel approach and improving user experience and engagement.

David Auster

David Auster has worked in Digital Marketing since 2011. Specializing in Paid Search, David also has experience executing Paid Social campaign for multichannel marketing strategies, as well as providing landing pages CRO consultation for clients. David has extensive experience with long sales funnel accounts spanning mortgage lending, consumer lending & real estate, as well as e-commerce, B2B lead generation & more. David approaches paid media very analytically with an eye towards lifetime value. David’s experience with optimizing towards offline conversion events helps him guide clients towards efficient and effective strategies.

Sarah Rogers

Sarah Rogers has worked in Paid Social Advertising since 2014, with experience varying from Fortune 500 companies, microbrands, and media organizations. She’s built two successful paid social departments focused on delivering direct response results and top tier client experiences. Sarah’s Social Media methodology centers on a creative-first strategy that resonates with consumers.

James Richards

James Richards has worked in Digital Marketing since 2013 . He has supported a variety of clients from small Nonprofits to industry leading consumer brands across Apparel, Home Services, Financial Services, Technology, and Travel. By blending his extensive experience working in Paid Search and Agency Analytics, James brings a very practical and data driven approach to strategy and account optimization.

Jihane Jeanty

Jihane Jeanty has worked in Social since 2010, beginning with Organic Social strategy and then ultimately pivoting to the Paid Social Advertising. Throughout her digital career, she has worked across many different verticals including ecommerce, B2B, and educational services. She looks forward to strategizing on new accounts and discovering how best to reach new audiences while nurturing existing ones.

Dan Hilbert

Dan Hilbert has been working in Digital Marketing since 2011. He has experience managing global accounts in a variety of verticals including B2B, health and wellness, streaming, finance, eComm, real estate, and more. He excels developing multi-channel strategies, focusing on growth and playing a key role in scaling businesses. Dan is driven by innovation, testing, and challenging best practices to accelerate performance for his clients. Whether working with a startup or an established company with multi-million dollar budgets, he invests time in building relationships and understanding every aspect of the business to create a solid foundation to generate success.

Drew Page

Drew Page has been working in Digital Marketing since 2012. He’s spent a majority of his experience honing his skills in Paid Social. He has worked across a wide variety of clients both in terms of size and vertical, and specializes in working with direct response E-commerce clients. He is passionate about full funnel strategies and developing innovative Facebook advertising strategies.

Chris Mah

Chris Mah has worked as a developer in the digital marketing space since 2016. With a background in Computer Science, he focuses on building tools to maximize paid advertising performance. Chris currently focuses on data ETL sourced from the APIs of the various advertising channels that Five Mill manages. He also has a deep knowledge of modern tracking pixel implementation.

Brad Klein

Brad Klein has been working in Social Media since 2010. Specializing in Paid Social, he has worked with businesses in industries such as eCommerce, retail, automotive, financial/banking, gaming, healthcare, non-profit, event promotion, and more. Brad’s data-driven, full funnel approach to paid social allows him to drive tactful, sustainable growth for the companies he works with. Brad is one of a limited number of individuals in the U.S. who is Facebook Blueprint certified, Facebook’s highest level of advertising certification. He is also fluent in American Sign Language (ASL).

Julianne Vinh

Julianne Vinh has been working Marketing design since 2015. She has designed for global B2B and B2C campaigns across retail, education, manufacturing, and healthcare. With a focus on UI and UX, Julianne is passionate about intentional, data-driven design that achieves both business and user goals.

Jake Pelton

Jake Pelton has been working in SEM since 2013. He has worked across multiple verticals including automotive, real estate, B2B, but his specialty is in direct response eCommerce SEM. He is passionate about extracting and analyzing data. He creates value by leveraging SEM throughout the customer journey and delivering the right message across Search and Shopping. Jake is well-versed in feed optimization and testing new strategies as he is looking for ways to address business challenges in new and innovative ways.

Nick Rusch

Nick Rusch has been working in Digital Marketing since 2010. With experience in both agency and in-house roles, Nick has worked on major brands in the Hotel and Sports industry as well as local services. After starting his career in NY, Nick has made his way down the east coast to where he resides in St Augustine, FL. Nick is always eager to work with clients on planning, strategizing, and tackling any digital marketing needs they have.

Vil Sologub

Vil Sologub has worked in Digital Marketing since 2014. He has worked with global enterprise clients and growth-focused businesses across ecommerce, entertainment, tech, and retail verticals. Vil has planned, built, and managed SEM, Youtube, and Social campaigns with a focus on best practices, testing, and innovation. Always eager to contribute and learn, Vil seeks to apply his performance focused approach to address business goals for Five Mill clients.

Carlos Ponce

Carlos Ponce has been working in Digital Marketing since 2013. He has experience managing both Search & Social campaigns and managing over $2 Million in monthly spend. His agency experience has allowed him to work with clients in verticals such as finance, B2B, and SaaS to name a few. Carlos loves to challenge the status quo and fully understands the importance of testing different approaches to help his clients scale their businesses.

Dani Safar

Dani Safar has worked in Digital Marketing since 2016. After dipping her toes in Organic Social strategy, she quickly dived head first into Paid Social Advertising. Now specializing in B2B Paid Social Strategy Dani has worked with a wide roster of companies in verticals ranging from Finance Automation and Wearable Technology to Cybersecurity and IoT Platforms. She has a passion for developing strong full funnel strategies for clients and believes the best work happens when honest collaboration, reliability and creativity are the foundation to every conversation.

Brendan Tree

Brendan Tree has been involved in Digital Marketing since 2011. After growing up in Australia, his career started on major telecommunications clients with a focus on Paid Search. Broadening to Paid Social, he then began to specialize in the Tech and e-Commerce space for a number of years. A move to the US beckoned - he has been stateside since 2017 leading Search and Social teams for major Tech and Entertainment clients. Brendan is passionate about measurement, incrementality and incessant testing, and brings this mindset to his multi-channel approach.

Brandan Leathead

Brandan Leathead has been a working creative since 2015. With focuses in Motion Design and Illustration he has experience in Marketing, Publishing, and Editorial . Based out of Los Angeles, Brandan has worked with Fortune 100 brands, major streaming and theater campaigns, and locally with boutiques and artist on both digital and physical campaigns. He is passionate about authentic and subversive creative that pushes industry standards.

Hector Banuelos

Hector Banuelos is a seasoned graphic and motion designer with over 10 years of experience. He specializes in marketing and social media for consumer and B2B brands ranging from streaming services and national sports teams to food and luxury retail brands. Hector is passionate about giving clients a fresh take on design and is unofficially known as the "GIF-meister."

Amanda Kennedy

Amanda Kennedy has been working in Digital Media and Advertising since 2002. Specializing in media strategy, channel planning and performance marketing, she has worked with small businesses to Fortune 500 companies in the finance, healthcare, retail, e-commerce and tourism industries. Amanda’s omni-channel, full-funnel approach to paid media allows her to create impactful, strategic media plans for companies that produce data-driven results and sustainable growth.

Justin Hill

Justin Hill has worked in digital marketing since 2008. He started out supporting SEM for clients of all sizes and verticals. He has a lot of experience in the Financial Services and Insurance vertical working with many Fortune 100 companies to develop and implement their marketing strategies. Justin has experience in both B2B/B2C, and has also been expanding his focus to include SEO and Paid Social. Through his career, his focus has always been on building relationships with people and finding strategic solutions to help achieve their goals.

Sara Iwanicki

Sara Iwanicki has worked in the marketing and advertising field since 2012, beginning her career in broadcast media. She quickly developed a passion for digital advertising and began her journey to Search Engine Marketing. Sara has worked with a range of industries, company sizes and marketing budgets nationwide in both the B2B and B2C sectors. She prides herself in developing trusting partnerships with her clients in order to immerse herself in their business goals to provide data driven, measurable impact on their ROI.

Luisana Seijas

Luisana Seijas has been working in marketing since 2002 and started in digital in 2011. She has a mix of both agency and client-side experience supporting advertisers with Paid Search, Shopping, and Display campaigns. She has experience in various verticals including Retail/eCommerce, Finance, Telecom, and SMB. Lui loves encountering strategic challenges so she can craft and implement the perfect solution to overcome them and drive toward her clients goals.

Sadie Ball

Sadie Ball is a data-driven and results focused growth marketer who has been working in Social Advertising since 2016. She has specialized in direct response for D2C e-commerce, marketplace, and subscription services. Sadie has experience in both the agency and in-house worlds and has managed $1m+ monthly budgets and $30m+ annual budgets across paid social. She is passionate about creative testing and multi-platform new user acquisition strategies to accelerate growth ∓ scale.

Jack Henry Mbuthia

Jack Henry Mbuthia, Chief Napping Officer. He has been affiliated with Search Engine Marketing his entire life. Jack has been making waves in the marketing world since before he could walk, and as his vocabulary continues to grow, so too does his desire to not take baths and never put his shoes on. When not napping his way to victory, Jack can often be found screaming on playgrounds or running away at top speed from his parents at San Diego beaches.


Five Mill is a partnership of experienced Search Engine Marketers. We are always hiring the best and, if that's you, we'd love to hear from you! You must have 6+ years of full-time Search Engine Marketing experience and agency experience is a huge plus. If you are interested in applying to join the team, please complete the Contact Us form below.

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